Project Description

DPP-400F blow molding machine is have Unwinding machine achieved, forming, punching, blanking, discharging, automatic closing Juan Liu station synchronized production, not only effectively solve the PS / PET / PVC and other plastic products in the production of a large capital investment, labor into large, complex production processes, product and low many health and safety issues, but also widely used, can be used in food, hardware, medicines and other PS / PET / PVC plastic products manufacturing, whole appearance of fine, affordable, well received by domestic outside the user”s welcome

Technical Data
Capacity standard 8-32 cuts/min
traction of length 40-170mm (special one can be reach 60-220mm)
max width 420mm
max depth 35mm (special one can be reach 50mm)
heater power 1.5kw(×2)
main power 1.5kw
electric power 3P 4W 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ) 4.5KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
Overall dimension 1750*890*2700mm
Width of packaging material 150-420mm
Gross weight 1500*710*2200mm
Machine dimension 800kg (special one1200kg )