Project Description

EBZ-09 High speed double wall cup forming machine is a kind of automatic double layer cup forming machine. It has functions of automatic paper feeding row by row. ultrasonic sealing. paper cylinder transferred by mechanical arm. oiling. bottom folding, servo glueing system, air cylinder system and double wall paper cup stacking. It has invertor for auto speed adjusting, stops automatically if any problem controlled by sensors we installed, so that the machine is well protected and becomes more durable. We adopt separate cam drivers on the left and right of cup side sealing device, so the working status is quiet and stable. which is the top technology owned by us in China.

Technical Data
(Specification) 8-35oz
(Material) 200-3509/m2
(Speed) 50-65 (pcs/min)
(Electrical source) 220-380V
(Total power) 2.5kw
(Weight) 15ookg
(Packing Dimensions) 2700x1350x1800mm(LxWxH)