Project Description

EBZ-12 paper cup forming machine with heater sealing is the automatic machine with multi- running positions, the production of paper cups and other cone containers complete after this machine runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding,sealing, oiling, bottom-punching, heating, curling,Rimming, and discharging.
This machine adopts micro-computer system to control the frequency-changing metre and with infinite speed adjustment, it is workable with power ranging from 22ov to 38ov. Automatically control applies to photo control with noncontact switch.

Technical Data
(Production) 40-50 (PCS/min)
(Paper materal) 180-230 (Single PE coated paper)
(Specification of paper cup) 4-12(0Z)(Adjustable mould)
Total power 380V 50Hz 13Kw
Air consumption 220V 50Hz 4.8Kw 380V 50Hz 4.8Kw
Weight 1655kg
Packing Dimensions 2650x1300x17oomm(LxWxH)