Project Description

This is an economical and environmental friendly printer for
printing cup paper, suitable for both single and double side PEcoated paper,meantime,it is suitable for printing on PVC, OPP
ect., It uses water baisc ink,ithas web guide and corona treat-ment,as opotinalyou can get different cup printing size and quality
by changing printing cylinders and anilox rollers,so the printing quality can reach your demend.

Technical Data
(Max.printing speed) 60m/min
(Printing color) 4-6 (colors)
(Max. paper roll width) 850mm
(Max.printing width) 840mm
(Max.unwinding diameter) 1500mm
(Max.rewinding diameter) 1500mm
(Printing repeat) 175-500mm
(Registering precision) +- 0.15mm
(Power) 8Kw
(Packing Dimensions) 326ox216ox245omm