Project Description

PY-950/1100/1200/1300/1400 This machine is widely used in printing, packing and paper cup industries. It’s suitable for die cutting and creasing all kingds of paper cup(bowl), cigarette case, medicine paper box, envelope, paper bowl, gift bags and various paper-plastic products(Also can cut various sizes of corrugated paper).Main electrical components and parts we choose the international famous brands the machine is adopting worm and worm wheel structure,the refore,producing products with high quality, low consumption and high safety it is automatic feeding, color code tracing and precision die cutting. Pneumatic locking knife makes operation and changing mould more easy and convenience.

Technical Data
# PY-950 PY-1200
cut precision + – 0.10mm + – 0.10mm
speed 90-120per/min 80-110 per/min
Max paper size 950*550mm 1200*650mm
Max paper feeding width 970mm 1220mm
paper weight 100-6oog/ m2 100-6oog/ m2
power 11kw 11kw
Max die-cu tting pressure 300T 300T
Overall dimension 40000*22000*1850mm 40000*23000*1850mm
weight 7.5T 9T
working environment 10~25 10~25