Project Description

The fourth generation ideal machine mainly used for cutting soft temper material, such as aluminum foil, Kraft paper and parchment etc.

Technical Data
Model MJ-AF600
Raw materials aluminum foils thickness 0.009mm to 0.025mm
Max raw materials width 500mm
Maximum unwind roll diameter


Raw material mother roll core id 75mm/150mm (core id)
Finished Roll Rewinding Core id 25mm/30mm/35mm(with three core die)
Slitting length finished roll control 3M to 300M
Max.Producing Speed 2.5m/s
Pressure 0.5 Mpa
Open-roll middle stroke ±20mm
Unloading magnetic power brake 25N.M
Winding magnetic power clutch 12N.M
Electrical Power & Supply 4KW
Weight of machine 1800kg
Traction motor Y1001-4
Asynchronous motor 2.2kw
Squirrel-case motor P60B 8200
Servo motor 1.5kw
Rotating motor 100YCJ120-3AP
Speed reduction motor 120w
Dimension of machine (L x W x H

3600mm x 1400mm x 1910mm