Project Description

1. Speed reducer, main-rotating connection, main shaft are on line (to decrease driving error) for mechanical transmission.
2.Sensor controls are adopted in pneumatic system .PLC control makes the whole machine run smoothly, keeps synchronous stability during the products are to be packed in multi-labor, long- distance .
3. Main motor non-stop speed regulating ,the travel adjustable at will, simple and convenient to change the mould,manipulator traction , stable running .
4. May according to the product need, choose the positive pressure formation or the negative pressure formation in the equipment, achieves the best formation effect.

Technical Data
Punch frequency 15-40(times/min)
mould cooling tap water recycle water 60 L/H
max.firming area 330*110 mm
stroke 60-120 mm
compressed air(mpa) 0.6-0.8
total power 4.5
PVC hard pieces 0.15-0.5*340
Over dimension 1900*790*1700 millimeter
weight 900 kg
Raw material HIPS PVC PET PS ETC.