Project Description

Product Description

Automatic Aluminum foil roll rewinder is safe and easy to operate, it is make the winding material more even and soild. And the anti-puncture is better after contact with air. The unit is suitable for aluminum foil roll, paper roll, baking paper roll

Technical Data
Material thickness 0.0085mm-0.025mm
Max. Unwinding Width 600mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter 600mm
Mother Core Diameter 76mm/152mm(optional)
Product Core Diameter 25mm/30mm/35mm(optional)
Producing Speed  2.5m/s
Length of product 3m-80m
Motor  4KW
Voltage 380V( 3phase)
Frequency 50HZ
Weight 1800KG
L*W*H 3600*1400*1910mm