Project Description

RD-12/22 high speed paper cup machine is our latest machine,which is made by us base on our manufacturing experience and advanced technology from oversea countries,it is a pioneer equipment in china. Three turnplates system is replaced by two turnplates system which is for paper cup bottom forming and mouth curling,so that the timing was reduced, the machine runs steady and fast, finished cup with good quality, waste percentage reduced,it is specially good for making tall paper is the best choice for making paper cups.

Technical Data
Specification of paper cup 6-32(ounce)
Paper material 190-5009/m2
Speed 60-8oR/5Npcs/min)
Total power 38oV 5oHz 9Kw
Air consumption 0.4m3/min
Vleight 35ookg
Packing Dimensions 293ox172ox19oomm(LxWxH)