Project Description

RD-12/22E high speed paper cup forming machine comes with two turnplate, open intermittent indexing cam mechanism and gear transmission, longitudinal axis structures. The whole machine adopts automatic lubrication system, which
makes all mechanical parts working much more smoothly. Cup body and bottom are sealed by Ultrasonic and hot air device. Cup top curling has two steps, rotary curling and heating figuration, which makes the curling more stable and better appearance. The machine comes with PLC control system, photoelectric failure detecting, and can stop working automatically if the machine has any problem, it can greatly improve operation safety and reducing labor cost. The machine can finish the whole process including paper feeding, side sealing, cup bottom punching & feeding, heating, knurling, cup-top curling, cup-
collecting. It is the best choice for making paper cups with height 50-12omm.

Technical Data
(Speed) 60-75pcs/min
Paper Thickness 1pe/2pe 180-35093m
Cup Size 4-2202
General Power 1okw
Electricity Supply 22ov/38ov, 3 phases, 5ohz
Packing Dimensions 265omm x 135omm x 18oomm
Weight 28ookg